Community Health Advisory Committee

  1. Koutu Nui Representative
  2. Private Sector and Community Representative
  3. NGO and Community Representative
  4. Youth Representative
  5. NGO and Community Representative
  6. Faith-based Representative

Health Professional Council

Sewage and Sanitation Board

Functions and powers of the Board:

(1)  The Board has all of the following functions and powers—

(a)  to  periodically  review  these  regulations  and  any  approved  standards,  and  to  recommend to the Minister that they be modified or expanded;

(b)  to  take  all  necessary  action  to  ensure  that  these  regulations  and  all  approved standards are applied and enforced;

(c)  to determine and approve performance criteria for sewage systems;

(d)  to  administer  and  apply  all  systems  of  registration  as  provided  for  by  these regulations and approved standards;

(e)  to  issue  permits,  certificates  and  other  approvals  in  accordance  with  these regulations and the approved standards;

(f)  to  revoke  or  suspend  any  registration,  permit,  certificate  or  approval  under  these regulations or approved standards, on the grounds of any breach of these regulations  or the approved standards;

(g)  to direct that any inspection be undertaken to  determine any matter relevant to the application  of  these  regulations  and  the  approved  standards,  and  to  require  that  a report be prepared and submitted to the Board

(h)  to authorise any other enforcement action for the purposes of these regulations and the approved standards;

(i)  to require that any additional information be provided in relation to any application to the Board, or that any information or matter be verified in a manner determined by the Board;

(j)  to perform any other functions and exercise all incidental powers as provided for by these regulations and approved standards, or as delegated to or vested in the Board in accordance with law.

(2)  The Board has authority to delegate any of its  functions and powers to a sub-committee established  for  any  purpose  by  the  Board,  or  to  an  appropriate  officer  of  the  Ministry, subject  to  such  conditions  as  the  Board  imposes,  and  any  sub-committee  or  officer performing functions and powers under this regulation must provide a report of all action taken to the Board at its next meeting.

(3)  The Board has authority to remove any sewage treatment unit design from the Register if the sewage treatment unit design does not meet the  requirements of these regulations or approved standards, or if the manufacturer is found to have provided false and misleading information  about  the  design,  operations,  capabilities  or  any  other  technical  matter concerning the sewage treatment unit.

(4)  The Board has authority to remove any sanitary professional or technician from the register who has been found to practice in a  manner that breaches these regulations or approved standards.

(5)  The Board has authority to remove from the register any septic tank manufacturer who has been found to manufacture septic tanks contrary to these regulations and approved standards.

(6)  Despite any other provision of these regulations, the approval of the construction and operation of any moderate load or high load sewage system on any island is the responsibility of the Board.

(7)  Despite any other provision of these regulations, the approval of the construction and operation of any secondary or advanced treatment system on any island is the responsibility of the Board.

The Sewage and Sanitation Board is made up of the following members:

  1. Director of Public Health
  2. Director of National Environment Services
  3. Building Control from Infrastructure Cook Islands
  4. Representative from the Cook Islands Wastewater and Septic Disposal Association

Pharmacy Board

The Pharmacy Board functions are listed under Part 2 of the Ministry of Health (Pharmacy and therapeutic products) Regulations 2013 in relation to the regulation of pharmacists and allied pharmacy professionals.

Members of the Pharmacy Board are as follows:

  1. Head of Ministry of Health
  2. Chief Pharmacist
  3. Registrar
  4. Medical Practitioner
  5. Private pharmacy profession representative
  6. Community Representative