Medical and Dental Council

Functions of Council

(1) The functions of the Council shall be to control professional and ethical standards of medical and dental practice.

Particularly –

(a) To establish and maintain registers of persons who by reason of their qualifications are entitled to practice medicine or dentistry;

(b) To regulate private medical and dental practices;

(c) To maintain discipline within the Medical and Dental professions;

(d) To advise and make recommendations to the Minister in respect of any matter affecting medical or dental practices in the Cook Islands.


(2) The Council shall make such decisions, determinations, give such directions and consents and do such other acts and things as are provided for in this Act and as may be necessary for the effective administration of this Act.


Members of the Medical and Dental Council are as follows:

  1. Secretary of Health
  2. Registrar
  3. Chairman
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer and dental representative
  6. Community Representative

If you are intending or are practising in the Cook Islands you must register with the Registrar

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