Functions of the Council:

(1) It shall be the function of the council

(a) To establish and keep in such manner and in such parts as the Council considers desirable a register of nurses;

(b) To arrange for and regulate courses of training for nurses and the examination of such persons seeking admission to the register;

(c) To make such provisions for the issue of certificates to nurses registered under this Act, and wearing of such badges and uniforms by persons as the Council considers expedient;

(d) To regulate, supervise and restrict within due limits the practices of nurses whether registered or not;

(e) Generally, within the scope of its authority, to do whatever may in its opinion be necessary for the effective administration of this Act.

(2) A certificate under the seal of the Council authenticated by the signature of the Chairman and the Registrar stating that any person is or was at any date, or was not at any date, duly registered under this Act shall be conclusive evidence in any court of law of the facts stated in such certificate.

Members of the Nursing Council are as follows:


  1. Secretary of Health
  2. Chairperson
  3. Registrar/CINA Representative
  4. Practicing Nurse Representative
  5. Ministry of Education
  6. Community Representative

If you are intending on practising as a nurse in the Cook Islands you must register with the Registrar