Section 33(3) of the Ministry of Health Act 2013 (“the Act”) confers discretion on the Ministry of Health (“the Ministry”) to develop and apply a system of charges for health services provided that it is based on “user pays” principles. It also empowers the Ministry to verify identity by requiring the production of a patient’s passport or other means of identification.

Section 7(3) of the Act states that the Ministry has the power to provide any health service, or to arrange for and provide health services by or through a health service provider, subject to any approved government policy, and any requirement relating to payment or reimbursement of costs of such services by the patient.

Section 29 of the Act provides the general provision for protecting the rights of the Patient specifically general principles relating to medical records and health information.

Section 33(2) of the Act confers a power on the Minister of Health to approve fees and charges for any service provided by or on behalf of the Ministry under the Act.

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