The rapid scale up of responses has been accompanied by an increasing emphasis on measurable indicators and results. These include programme monitoring data, behavioural and biological trends data and evaluation of programmes. The increasing demands on country monitoring and evaluation systems can only be met if better systems are built and supported.

This area of the website will look at Te Marae Ora’s Monitoring and Evaluation regime in regards to the National Health Strategy 2017-2021 and ultimately the National Health Roadmap 2017-2037. The ultimate goal is to have a surveillance system with up to date information informing policy decisions.

Health Strategy Linkages


Country Coordinating Mechanism

The implementation of the National Health Strategy 2017-2021 will be supervised and monitored by the National Health Strategy 2017-2021 Supervisory Committee (NSC) led by Te Marae Ora (TMO), with involvement of subnational stakeholders, other ministries, CSOs, the private sector, academic institutions and development partners. The Planning Unit of the TMO will be the focal point and Chair to the CC. Regular meetings will be scheduled with minutes circulated to all senior staff and partners for information and action. Minutes will also provide input to the M&E function of the National Health Strategy 2017-2021.


National Health Strategy 2017-2021 Supervisory Committee

The following structure and membership of the NATIONAL HEALTH STRATEGY PLAN 2017-2021 supervisory committee is proposed under the overall supervision of the Secretary for Health.

Country Progress and Performance Review Mechanism

Reviews are based on the evidence gathered through monitoring processes and require national institutional mechanisms involving multiple stakeholders. Existing country health-sector review processes are a key entry point for assessing progress and performance and can influence priority-setting and resource allocation. Such reviews need to be systematically linked to actions in countries and provide the basis for mutual accountability.

Schedule of Reviews

  1. Annual Reviews – at the end of each calendar year
  2. Mid-term Review – at the end of 2019
  3. Final situation analysis and evaluation – at the end of 2021.


The review will draw on information obtained from the Health Information Unit and from individual health programme reviews and reports. The annual review are expected to feed into the Business Plan formulation process for funding and resource allocation.

Progress and Performance Review Structure