Travel to the Cook Islands

Information on current travel restrictions

International travel

Travel to the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands borders are currently closed to all travellers unless there is an exemption provided (in writing) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. There is only one flight a week to the Cook Islands.

The following people are exempted for entry into the Cook Islands:

  • Cook Islanders (as verified via the Cook Islands Status stamp)
  • Permanent Residents of the Cook Islands
  • Cook Islands work permit holders
  • Cook Islands resident permit holders

Travel Advisory as at 30 October 2020

Entry and Health criteria

You must have spent at least 14 days in New Zealand before you can enter the Cook Islands. 

Health criteria administered by Te Marae Ora prior to departure from Auckland:

  • Require approval from the Secretary of Health
  • Provide a negative COVID-19 test within 96 hours prior to departure from Auckland
  • Complete exit health clearance at Auckland International Airport on the day of departure


Register your intention to travel to the Cook Islands with Cook Islands Immigration by email: Registrations close at 11:59 pm Wednesday (New Zealand time) in the week of your flight departing Auckland. 

Contact us on email: for information on the current health criteria such as providing a negative COVID-19 test result within 96 hours of your planned departure from Auckland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • COVID-19 tests are available for free at community-based testing centres in Auckland.
  • Please contact your usual GP in New Zealand for further information regarding testing centre. If you do not have an Auckland based GP, please contact Te Marae Ora on email:
  • When you present for your test, ensure you have a mobile number and email address so that the test results can be sent to your phone and/or forward the results to Te Marae Ora on email:
  • If you require further assistance contact your GP. It will be the responsibility of the traveller to make the necessary arrangements and cover any associated cost with undertaking COVID-19 testing prior to departure
  • As soon as possible, noting that results may not be available for one to three days.
  • COVID-19 tests must be arranged within 96 hours of your flight departing Auckland.
  • No.
  • If you know you will not be receiving the results of your COVID-19 test prior to your check-in, please contact Te Marae Ora directly by either; email: or Phone: Cook Islands +682 29 110
  • You cannot travel directly to the Cook Islands from Australia (or any other country). You will be required to stay in New Zealand for 14 days.
  • New Zealand requires all arrivals to enter their managed isolation facilities for 14 days.
  • Please check the New Zealand Government Managed Isolation and Quarantine website for applicable charges to enter their managed isolation facilities.
  • Once Te Marae Ora has received the results of your COVID-19 test result (negative), your details will be communicated to Immigration Cook Islands who will provide final approval for you to travel to the Cook Islands.

Domestic travel

Travel to the Pa Enua (Outer Islands)

There are no restrictions for travellers departing Rarotonga for the Pa Enua. 

Te Marae Ora is establishing exit health clearance procedures to strengthen border measures to limit the spread of communicable diseases including COVID-19, to the Pa Enua.

Exit Health Clearance Procedure

Te Marae Ora staff based at the air and sea port will support travellers to complete the Domestic Departures Health Declaration form and conduct a temperature check on all travellers.

Any travellers who meet the following criteria will be referred for medical assessment and cannot proceed to board the vessel:

  • have a temperature ≥38°C
  • fulfill the case definition/clinical criteria for a communicable disease such as COVID-19
  • tick yes for any questions on the form


International arrivals

International arrivals

All international arrivals will be required to complete the international arrivals health declaration form upon entering the Cook Islands. This can be completed prior to departure from Auckland, on the plane, or as soon as you arrive on Rarotonga. You can complete the form online or a hard copy will be provided at the airport.

Any person who does not have a Cook Islands stamp or a permit issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration will be required to complete a medical immigration form prior to travel. If you need more information, call +682 29110.

Domestic departures

Any person departing Rarotonga to the Pa Enua (outer islands) will be required to complete the domestic departures health declaration form. This form must be completed prior to departure from Rarotonga, either online or via hard copy provided at the air/sea port.

Health Clinics

Any person visiting health clinics on Rarotonga, with recent travel overseas, will be required to complete a health declaration form. This form must be completed prior to any face-to-face consultations with a health professional.