Our Services

Public Health

Public Health is about preventing disease, and protecting the population. Public health services include health protection, public health nursing, health promotion and mental health.

Oral Health

Oral health services involves ensuring our population has healthy teeth and gums. Community oral health services are focused on preventing tooth decay and more serious issues, while clinical oral health services involve curative and restorative services.

Primary Care

The first point of contact for all patients. Primary care services are about encouraging people to have regular check ups to facilitate early detection and intervention. Primary care services are provided through across health centres operated by Te Marae Ora and within the community.

Hospital Health

Hospital health services include clinical services including surgery and anaesthesia, general medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, and clinical support services such as laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and physiotherapy. General support services such as cleaning, food and nutrition and reception services are provided through this service area.

Planning & Funding

Services provided include policy and planning, health information, communications and public relations, medico-legal, human resources management, finance and ICT services for the Ministry.