Apply for a practising licence

Te Marae Ora is responsible for regulating health care providers in the Cook Islands under the following legislation: Ministry of Health Act 2013, Medical and Dental Practices Act 1976, Nurses Act 1986 and Ministry of Health (Pharmacy and Therapeutics Products) Regulations 2013. In order to practise in the Cook Islands, health professionals of regulated professions must hold a current practising license issued by the respective councils. These professional bodies must ensure all health professionals registered are fully competent in the practice of their profession.

Medical and Dental Council

Medical and Dental Practices Act 1976


Medicine and dentistry
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Private Practice

Medical and Dental Practices Act 1976


Registering a private practice
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Nursing Council

Nurses Act 1986


Nursing and midwifery
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Allied Health Professionals

Ministry of Health Act 2013


Optometry, psychology, acupuncture, radiology, laboratory, physiotherapy, traditional medicine, nutrition, naturopathy, paramedics, pharmacy and more
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Registration Process

All persons who wish to register or work in the Cook Islands under any of the regulated professions listed must hold a current practising license. Cook Islands practising licenses are issued annually.

Complete the application form

Attach your CV, relevant qualifications, registration and current annual practising license. If unavailable, provide a registration number or letter of good standing.

Send your application form

Send your completed application to accompanied with your registration fee.

Wait for approval

If your application is approved, your details will be recorded in the council register and you will receive a registration number, and an annual practising licence.


If you have a practising licence you must ensure you renew this every year and meet the competencies set by your council.

It is an offence to practise without a license. If you do so, you may be:

  • Prosecuted by Te Marae Ora and liable to a fine of $10,000 and/or a term of imprisonment not exceeding 3 years (public health care providers)
  • Liable to a fine of $5,000 and $100 for every day the offence continues (private medical and dental practices operating without a licence)
  • Liable to a fine of $15,000 (pharmacists and pharmacies)
  • Liable to disciplinary proceedings and cancellation of your registration

Registration fees

Regulated health professionals are required to pay a one-off registration fee, to register with a council, to practise in the Cook Islands, and pay annual registration fees to maintain their current practising licence.

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