Human Resources

Health Workforce

The human resource challenge for any organisation is striving to have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Te Marae Ora is the main employer of health professionals in the Cook Islands. The health workforce is the public ‘face’ of the health sector and as such needs to reflect population health needs and demand for health services. Over 300 health professionals covering a range of clinical and non-clinical services are employed with Te Marae Ora – of which 79% are based on Rarotonga.

Source: Employee database January 2020


If you’ve seen a position you would like to apply for from our advertisements, please contact with a copy of your latest CV and cover letter. Additionally, if you have any queries related to positions advertised, please contact our HR team at the Head Office on 29664.

Careers Talk - Jun 2020
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For those based overseas taking up employment with us in the Cook Islands

If you’ve received an employment offer from us that requires you to move to the Cook Islands to work, our HR team will assist you with your application for a work permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, and to secure affordable accommodation.

Professional Registration

All health professions working in the Cook Islands are required under the following legislation: Ministry of Health Act, Medical and Dental Practices Act and Nurses Act to register with the respective councils before they can begin to work. Read more.