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Digital Vaccination Certificate

What is a Digital Covid- 19 Vaccination Certificate?

It is valid digital document that serves as proof that you have been fully vaccinated. To ensure all persons whom have been vaccinated  can provide a valid form of proof digitally. This can only be done via a Digital Vaccination Certificate that can be stored/saved on any of your devices electronically.

In order for the Digital Vaccination Certificate to be valid and verified against your Bio data – the records must match either your Passport Name and/or your Birth Certificate.

Can this certificate be used for travel?

This certificate can then be utilized for Travel and other circumstances that may require you to verify your vaccination status.


Any person that has 2 or more doses administered in the Cook Islands

If you are proposing for International travel then this certificate is used for verification of your vaccination status.

Ensure you have copies of your dose information, Passport Bio Page details and your Proposed Travel dates.

You can apply for your certificate by navigating to Te Marae Ora Webpage: and fill in the Online Form –

Yes, you can save and edit form – however only be available for 24hrs for editing.

There is a 7 days processing time for the Certificates upon application.

Processing of certificates are done once a week, and are issued out Thursday of every week.

All certificates are valid for One (1) year

  • If you have a valid email address – you will receive by email.
  • If you do not have a valid email you can consent for TMO to receive on your behalf.
  • For those, parents/guardians for children under-18 you can apply on their behalf and receive via the email address.
  • For those care-givers for elderly you can apply on their behalf, however must provide Letter of Authority – this can be uploaded to the form.

There are no cost associated with this.