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14 January 2022 (CKT)

For the purposes of domestic travel, Rarotonga and Aitutaki are considered a combined “bubble.”

Anyone – fully vaccinated locals and recently arrived fully vaccinated travellers can travel between Rarotonga and Aitutaki without any stand-down period. A Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) must be taken for any recent arrivals who will overnight on Rarotonga prior to departure to Aitutaki. This test can be conducted at the RAT Testing Hut at Rarotonga Airport. The hut is located just inside and to the right of the entrance to the Airport Public Carpark. Same-day transit passengers do not need to have a RAT.

Unvaccinated locals including children under 12 years will need an exemption to travel from Te Marae Ora (TMO). This can be sought by emailing:

From next Wednesday (19 January) tests will cost, negotiations are currently taking place with a contractor and will be advised once confirmed.

Between now and then no charges will apply for testing which is be undertaken by medically trained personnel.

Anyone who arrives off a flight from Auckland and wants to travel to the Pa Enua (excluding Aitutaki), must first stay on Rarotonga for 7 days. They too must undertake a RAT test prior to departure and will be required to sign a declaration that they have been in the Cook Islands for 7 consecutive days. And, if not fully vaccinated they will need an exemption to travel from Te Marae Ora (TMO). This can be sought by emailing:

Anyone who has been living in the Cook Islands and has not recently been in New Zealand can travel freely around the Pa Enua. If travelling to Rarotonga, they do not need to remain on Rarotonga for 7 days before returning to their island. They do need to have a RAT test prior to departure, and if not fully vaccinated or if traveling with young children (under 12 years) they will need to seek an exemption from TMO. This can be sought by emailing:

ENDS: Contact Jaewynn McKay;   +682 55486