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Burning of Plastics and tyres

There have been a lot of issues related to the burning of plastics and tyres in the community.

Local media have reported cases over the past few months. These cases in large part have been addressed by the Public Health Department but people are still continuing to carry out this unwarranted activity.

Burning of plastics and tyres are not permitted under the Public Health Act, 2004 Part 8. Section 38 (1) states that no person may burn plastic or tyres without a permit authorised by the Secretary.

Please note: that people found burning these items will be given a warning in the first instance. If they carry on burning plastic and tyres they will be referred for prosecution.

The message to the community is – do not burn plastics or tyres.

The smoke coming from the burning of plastic and tyres is a health hazard and is a health threat to you, your family and your neighbours.

Store these type of waste at home and bring it beside the roadside during your rubbish collection days to be disposed of in the proper manner.

Meitaki ma’ata.