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Category Quarantine Order – International Arrivals 29 Jan 2021


Section 12 of the COVID-19 ACT 2020

The Secretary of Health hereby issues a category quarantine order (order), in respect of all persons arriving in the Cook Islands (international arrival) as follows:

Arrival Date

29th January 2021

Mode of Arrival



Air New Zealand

Port of Arrival

Rarotonga International Airport

This order is issued as the Secretary of Health believes the international arrivals pose an undue risk in respect of the possible carriage or transmission of COVID-19.


Quarantine under this order will be SUPERVISED at the Edgewater Resort and Spa Hotel in Arorangi.

You must undertake quarantine in your allocated hotel room and within the boundaries of the police-cordoned area (quarantine area).

For international arrivals:

Quarantine starts the moment a person enters the port of arrival.

Quarantine Start

Friday 29th January 2021

Quarantine End

At a time to be advised by a Health Officer on or before 12th February 2021

 Conditions of Supervised Quarantine

Every person in quarantine must:

  1. Not leave the quarantine area for the duration of the quarantine, unless specifically authorised by health officials or Emergency Services to do so:
  2. Remain in the hotel room unless directed by health officials that you may exit your room for a specified time in order to exercise, do laundry or for any other purpose approved by health officials:
  3. Not interfere with the identification mechanism used to identify the quarantine area (e.g. yellow flag, police tape, barrier etc.):
  4. Not come within 2 metres of any person at the boundary of the quarantine area:
  5. Not permit any items or property to leave the quarantine area, unless specifically authorised by health officials:
  6. Comply with health officials to undergo health checks and Covid-19 tests:
  7. Follow any further directions given by health officials.

No person is permitted to enter the quarantine area unless they are authorised by the Secretary of Health to do so.  In the event a person under quarantine becomes aware of any person (other than health officials and Edgewater hotel staff) coming into their quarantine area, that person must notify health immediately on +682 54883.

In the event of an emergency, persons under quarantine must dial 999 and notify authorities that they are in quarantine. They must follow the directions given.

In the event of any other issues arising that affect the ability of persons to carry out their quarantine, they must contact Te Marae Ora on +682 54883. Persons under quarantine must follow the directions given.

Any person breaching this order commits an offence carrying a maximum penalty of 12 months’ imprisonment or a $10,000 fine. The police may also detain any person breaching this order and transport them to another facility. That person may also be subject to a further order.