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Clinical Services

Core services

  • Emergency – our accident and emergency services are currently located at the Rarotonga Hospital for 24/7 care including paramedics. Only those who require serious care will be admitted to the hospital for definitive treatment.
  • Surgical and theatre – we have two operating theatres at Rarotonga hospital. Surgical sub-specialties include general surgery, eyes and ENT, orthopaedics, endoscopy, obstetrics and gynaecology
  • General medical – medical sub-specialties include cardiology, respiratory, endocrinology (diabetes), renal
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology – includes antenatal services, high risk medical maternity clinics, acute and chronic gynaecology services including screening
  • Paediatrics and neonatal – includes general services, behavioural and disability
  • Anaesthesia – we have one high dependency unit (with three beds) to provide critical care services.
  • Eyes and ears, nose, throat (ENT)
  • Specialist services include infectious diseases, acute mental health services, palliative care, rehabilitative care for stroke, post-injury or surgery, physical impairments, speech language therapy, aged care – dementia, falls prevention and physiotherapy

Future plans

  • Reorganise outpatient services whereby patients are only seen at the hospital if it is an emergency or via referral from primary care clinics
  • Establish a dedicated aged care and rehabilitation service
  • Integrated patient information management and health information systems
  • Maintain and develop core hospital and ambulatory care services
  • Strengthen clinical governance and accountability
  • Undertake research and education to ensure evidence-based and relevant practice
  • Transparent and efficient financial, performance monitoring and business planning capabilities to improve service efficiency

COVID-19 Preparation

As at 22 March 2020, health services at Rarotonga Hospital have been reoriented to prepare to receive COVID-19 patients.

  • Visitors to the hospital are limited to two adults per patient. No children (under 18 years old) are allowed.
  • Visiting hours close at 3pm daily
Isolation ward

The isolation ward was established in October 2019 in preparation for potential measles cases to the Cook Islands. We did not receive measles however the ward has been set up to receive other infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Negative pressure room

We have established two negative pressure rooms (ten beds total) at the hospital to ensure infectious germs are filtered out so it does not spread via the ventilation system. These rooms will not only be useful for COVID-19, should the virus get here, but also other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and measles.

High dependency unit

Our health system does not have longer term intensive care capability in country. However we have a high dependency unit with three beds. This is a specialist ward designed to provide treatment and monitoring for people who are critically ill or unstable condition.