Cook Islands National Water Policy 2016

This policy outlines an integrated and multi-sectoral approach to sustainable water needs.

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Description: This policy outlines an integrated and multi-sectoral approach to sustainable water needs.

It is set against the backdrop of an ongoing water infrastructure upgrade, Te Mato Vai.

Te Marae Ora is focused on regulating water resources to ensure safe and potable supply of water.


  1. Ensure safe and sustainable management of water supply
  2. Ensure water systems are resilient and mitigate the impacts of climate change and
  3. Ensure access to reliable, safe drinking water for all who reside in the Cook Islands
  4. Establish equitable and economically-sustainable systems for managing demand, appropriate usage of water, conserving water and minimising waste and leakages
  5. Ensure sustainable management of both inland and coastal water resources.
  6. Actively engage communities in the sustainable management of water
  7. Ensure catchment and water sources are protected
  8. Optimise and standardise the regular testing of water quality
  9. Consistently and transparently apply water policy, plans and laws
  10. Ensure appropriate resources, capacity, skills training, and information is available for
    managing water resources and infrastructure

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