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14 January 2022 (CKT)

The issuing of the Te Marae Ora COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates that began last Monday and was due to end tomorrow, will now continue until such time that the majority of Cook Islanders have received their certificate.

From Monday to next Friday (21 January), the team will be located at the Nikao CICC Sunday School from 9am to 3pm daily.

Te Marae Ora staff in the Pa Enua will be contacting residents and asking them to all take their passports, or birth certificates into their local clinics so that their names can be verified on MedTech. Only after this has happened can their certificates be issued.

Cook Islands residents who have recently been issued with their printed COVID-19 vaccination certificates are advised that the certificates are for temporary use in the Cook Islands as proof of vaccination until digital certificates become available.

Residents wishing to travel to New Zealand who have a New Zealand National Health Indicator (NHI) number, can call New Zealand to have their vaccination record registered on the New Zealand COVID-19 Immunisation Register (CIR), and then request a My Vaccine Pass (MVP). The number to call is +64 800 222 478 or 0064 800 222 478.

Alternatively they can go to:

This can be requested and received before travel; or if travellers wish to wait until they arrive in New Zealand, they can take their proof of vaccination to a pharmacy along with identification and their NHI number, have their vaccination registered on the CIR and their MVP issued on the spot.

Cook Islanders who do not have an NHI number may use their Te Marae Ora COVID-19  Vaccination Certificate on Air New Zealand flights.

ENDS: Contact Jaewynn McKay;   +682 55486