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It’s Flu Shot Time

Te Marae Ora is working with the Rarotonga Punas to provide the flu injection to our vulnerable people in our communities. While limited to 100 per Puna, this will go a long way to provide protection against the flu virus.

Health Authorities say it’s extra important this year to get a flu shot. First in order to try and avoid getting the flu and all of the down sides associated with that. Secondly in these extraordinary times with the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19 swirling around the world, it is important to keep our hospitals free of flu patients in case we need space for COVID-19 patients or some other ailment or injury.

Vulnerable people with weakened immmune systems caused by pre-existing and underlying illnesses and elderly people, who have not already been contacted by a health professional and had their shot, should take steps now to get an influenza vaccination by contacting their local Puna – details below:

  • Akaoa 08001808;
  • Ruaau 08001807;
  • Murienua 08001809;
  • Titikaveka 08001810;
  • Ngatangiia 08001812;
  • Matavera 08001813;
  • Nikao/Panama 08001806;
  • Ruatonga/Avatiu/Panama/Atupa 08001805;
  • Tupapa-Maraerenga 08001803;
  • Takuvaine/Tutakimoa 08001804.

Te Marae Ora stress that flu injections do work and can save lives. 3,000 more doses of the flu vaccine have been ordered and will be available through Te Marae Ora once they arrive.

ENDS: Enquiries to Jaewynn McKay +682 55486;