Our Services

Our Services

Te Marae Ora is responsible for leading the achievement of Goal 7 – to improve health and promote healthy lifestyles (National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020). Our commitment to achieve this goal involves health service delivery that promotes healthy lifestyles, prevent and reduce illness, and facilitate access to excellent and affordable healthcare.

Public health services cover four key service areas:
  • Health Protection
  • Health Promotion
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Mental Health
Services include communicable disease control (CDC), environmental health, non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors and interventions, sexual and reproductive health services and community mental health programmes. Read more.

Service areas include:

  • Community
  • Clinical Services
  • Clinical Specialist services

Oral health services are available through the Tupapa Clinic and community clinics on Rarotonga. Preventive dentistry services are available in schools on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua. Primary oral health services are provided on the Pa Enua with more specialist services supplemented through Te Kaveinga Ora (Flying Doctor’s Programme). Read more.

Service areas include:
  • General Practice
  • Primary Care Nursing
  • Screening
  • Traditional Medicine
Primary care services are provided through community clinics on Rarotonga and on the Pa Enua by a range of health professionals including general practitioners, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Read more.
Service areas include:
  • Clinical (accidents and emergencies, general and specialist)
  • Clinical Support (allied health services)
  • General Support (reception, infection control cleaning, food and nutrition, maintenance)
We have two general hospitals providing multi-disciplinary inpatient and specialist outpatient services, including 24-hour accident and emergency services. These hospitals are located on Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Read more.
Service areas include:
  • Policy and Planning (policy, health information, medic-legal and communications)
  • Human Resources (recruitment, retention and release)
  • Funding and Support (financial services and ICT services)
Planning and funding services provide auxiliary services to the other directorates (Public Health, Oral Health, Primary Care and Hospital Health) to support service delivery. Legal risks to the Ministry are managed through this service area. Read more.