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Rarotonga Dengue Clean-Up plans in place

Following on from the Prime Minister’s request earlier this week, earlier today Te Marae Ora hosted a second planning meeting with Puna representatives, members of parliament and government agencies. 

As a result, Operation Namu 2021 has been launched, and, at this stage will comprise the following five activities:

  1. One-day Mass Cleaning Campaign. A beach to backroad type exercise that will see the collection of all rubbish lying on the beach or the side of roads. This activity will take place on Friday 12th February and will not enter private properties or businesses.
  1. Mass Spraying: This is a 2-week long campaign that will start in Tupapa on Monday 15th February and conclude in Matavera on Friday 24th February (weather dependent). Spraying will take place daily between 4am and 8am.
  1. Slashing of overgrown property and land: This activity will likely start on Monday 15th February and will be largely co-ordinated by the local puna. That said, some puna have advised that they are ready to start on this work almost immediately, and once they have necessary equipment and workers sorted will mobilise.
  1. Collection of larger objects/vehicles/whiteware/e-waste: This activity will be guided by each Puna and will likely involve the private sector. The timing for this collection will be confirmed at a later date.
  1. Source reduction: Te Marae Ora will continue to monitor households where there are cases of dengue together with neighbouring properties.

“Since the various puna were activated almost a year ago they have conducted household survey’s and in many instances literally walked their entire puna. They have a good handle on who lives where, dumping grounds for rubbish, land where owners are absent, and property owners etc. All this information is invaluable in times like we find ourselves in today,” stated Secretary of Health Bob Williams.

“And whilst Operation Namu 2021 will be led by the public sector, it would be great to see the private sector support this initiative too,” said Mr Williams.

ENDS: Enquiries to Jaewynn McKay +682 55486