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Relocation of ‘coughs and colds’ flu clinic to Tupapa

Due to the increased number of patients seen at the ‘coughs and colds’ flu clinic at Blackrock, this clinic will be relocated to the Tupapa Outpatients Clinic effective Friday 13 March 2020.

Clinic venue:               Tupapa

Opening hours:           Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Phone number:           20065 and 20066

The ‘coughs and colds’ clinic in Tupapa will receive all patients with coughs, colds, runny nose, headache, fevers and difficulty breathing.

The public is advised to call ahead prior to visiting the ‘coughs and colds’ clinic to arrange an appointment to see the doctor and/or nurse. This will assist in minimising the spread of germs while patients are in the waiting room. Consultations are FREE.

To book an appointment at the ‘coughs and colds’ flu clinic – 20065 or 20066

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