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Te Marae Ora actively monitoring three “persons of interest” – precautionary quarantine and isolation practices in place

  • Three persons of interest are being actively monitored by Public Health officials: one is in hospital, two are in supervised quarantine.
  • Te Marae Ora is implementing COVID-19 protocols while awaiting test results.
  • These persons of interest underline the critical importance of social distancing and self-isolation and quarantine measures, says Health officials.

Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health is actively monitoring three persons of interest and implementing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) protocols, while awaiting test results to return.

Te Marae Ora has been extra cautious in managing the hospitalised patient’s care since Saturday evening when they were admitted to hospital, with symptoms consistent with pneumonia and anaphylaxis.

“In ordinary times we would treat locally someone who presented with these symptoms alone. But these are not ordinary times and we are being extra cautious in our attempt to minimise risk” says Secretary of Health Dr Josephine Aumea Herman.

This patient has been accepted for transfer to a hospital in New Zealand, and their test will be sent to New Zealand today.

Health officials are expecting the tests results from the two persons in quarantine to come back today, when a further announcement will be made.

Dr Herman says these persons of interest show the importance of good personal hygiene and social distancing measures as the country braces itself for the potential impact of COVID-19.

“Our top priority remains keeping our community safe at all times so we’re being extra cautious in our approach to caring for these persons of interest. We’re not leaping to conclusions – we’re waiting for their test results before releasing more information about their health status. While there are no
confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Cook Islands we must prepare ourselves, as this could change. We’re sharing this information publicly because we want to impress on our community about the critical importance of continued social distancing and self-isolation protocols. We are committed to keeping everyone informed and the best way to do that is with facts, not mis-information.” she says.

Health officials encourage anyone requiring medical advice or attention to free call 08001800; 08001801 or 08001802. All calls to the Healthline are free of charge. For up to date information visit

ENDS: Enquiries to Jaewynn McKay +682 55486