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Uphold the supervised quarantine process

With another flight bringing more returning Cook Islanders and Cook Islands residents back home this Friday, health ministry Te Marae Ora would like to remind our people to continue to uphold the conditions imposed on those in supervised quarantine.
From Friday, there will be 35 people in supervised quarantine around Rarotonga, housed in 20 approved supervised quarantine properties.
These properties are marked with a YELLOW flag and warning tape and are being monitored around the clock by ‘watch people’ (guardians) positioned outside each property.
A YELLOW flag means that the house or property is under quarantine – so absolutely NO VISITORS.
Do not enter or cross the boundaries marked by a YELLOW flag, not even to pick fruit or flowers. Do not move or tamper with the flags – they can only be moved by authorised health officials or Cook Islands Police officials.
“We are taking all the precautions we deem necessary to protect our people and keep our country free of COVID-19,” says Acting Secretary of Health Dr Tereapii Uka.
All returnees travelling to the Cook Islands must undergo a COVID-19 test within 96 hours of their flight departing Auckland and return a negative result. They must also complete the health clearance exit process at Auckland International Airport.
Approval from Te Marae Ora, the local Puna and the Police as to where in Rarotonga they will undergo their 14 days of supervised quarantine is also a requirement for those returning to the Cook Islands.
For those wishing to travel from the Cook Islands to New Zealand, the New Zealand government requires all arrivals – whether they are from a COVID-19-free country or not – to undergo a mandatory 14-day managed quarantine or isolation period and two interval tests for COVID-19.
Those intending to travel to New Zealand should visit to check all requirements, as charges may apply.
Unless persons are being referred to New Zealand for health purposes, Te Marae Ora is unable to assist with any requests for exemptions from the mandatory isolation period as this decision is made solely by the New Zealand government.
For Cook Islands COVID-19 updates, visit OR

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