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Repatriation of Cook Islanders and residents

The first cohort of returning Cook Islands residents arrives this afternoon. Prime Minister Henry Puna noted “It is a triumph of our people’s strength, government policy, and coordinated efforts with our international partners that allows our people to come home.

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Cook Islanders for the return home

On Friday 8 May, our first cohort of Cook Islanders stranded in New Zealand following the border measures implemented in March will arrive in Rarotonga. They would have completed their first 14-day supervised quarantine and medical clearance process in Auckland at the Holiday Inn and been provided negative COVID-19 tests.

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It’s Flu Shot Time

Te Marae Ora is working with the Rarotonga Punas to provide the flu injection to our vulnerable people in our communities. While limited to 100 per Puna, this will go a long way to provide protection against the flu virus.

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Travel to the Cook Islands during COVID-19

To prevent, limit and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the Cook Islands, Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health is reviewing options to safely lift the Cook Islands
border restrictions, while mitigating the risk of introducing COVID-19 to the Cook Islands

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Repatriation process for Cook Islanders in New Zealand to begin

Cook Islanders and Cook Islands residents caught in New Zealand when travel to their homeland was suspended about a month ago will start hearing today when they can go home. Cook Islands officials will begin contacting people who have registered to travel to Rarotonga today
and the first cohort will be required to enter supervised quarantine in a designated managed isolation facility in Auckland tomorrow.

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Cook Islands marks World Health Day

This year on World Health Day we salute our nurses and midwives. We salute them even more so in these anxious times we are going through. It’s a terrible cliche but nonetheless true that some of the finest people we’ll ever know will be nurses and midwives.

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School holidays extended by a further 2 weeks

The Government today announced all schools will remain closed for now – the current school holidays will be extended by a further two weeks. All primary and secondary school students are now required to stay at home until 19 April

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