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Latest results in: no COVID-19 cases detected

Te Marae Ora has sent over 80 COVID-19 swab tests to NZ for analysis. So far 11 results have tested negative for COVID-19. The first wave of results include one of the three persons of interest being monitored by Te Marae Ora
There remains no known cases of COVID-19 in the Cook Islands

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Additional Measures – Bulletin 1

As the global situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves rapidly, the government is elevating its preparedness by implemented a series of more strict travel conditions for residents and visitors.

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Te Marae Ora actively monitoring three “persons of interest” – precautionary quarantine and isolation practices in place

Three persons of interest are being actively monitored by Public Health officials: one is in hospital, two are in supervised quarantine.
Te Marae Ora is implementing COVID-19 protocols while awaiting test results.
These persons of interest underline the critical importance of social distancing and self-isolation and quarantine measures, says Health officials.

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Pa Enua travel restrictions

Domestic travel restrictions drafted by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19
come into force on Saturday March 21, 2020. The regulations restrict travel between Rarotonga and the Pa Enua (outer islands).

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Help needed to reduce mosquito population

A 400 metre radius of cleared vegetation around homes is required to reduce breeding sites for mosquitoes. We need our communities to be on alert and take practical measures to reduce spread of dengue fever.

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Three-tier ecosystem as it relates to travel

Stringent border measures are in place to protect the people of the Cook Islands from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The controls in place create three “ecosystems”: Rarotonga and New Zealand, the Pa Enua, and the rest of the world.

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