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Medical and Dental Council

Making medical and dental practises better in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Medical and Dental Council is a regulatory body established and mandated under the Medical and Dental Act 1976. Membership of the Council consist of the following:

  • One Dental Officer Dr Kirianu Nio
  • The Secretary of Health, Bob Williams
  • Two Medical Officers, Dr Helen Heimoana Glassie, Dr Ni Ni Wynn
  • One member of the General Public Mr Tangata Vainerere. 

The Purpose and Function of the Council are;

  1. To control professional and ethical standards of medical and dental practice. Particularly, To establish and maintain registers of persons who by reason of their qualifications are entitled to practice medicine or dentistry;
  2. To regulate private medical and dental practices and to maintain discipline within the Medical and Dental professions;
  3. Finally, to advise and make recommendations to the Minister in respect of any matter affecting medical or dental practices in the Cook Islands.
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"On behalf of the Council I wish you all our hard working registered members all the best in serving our people and community."

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Constitution of the Cook Islands Medical and Dental Association

Members of the Cook Islands Medical and Dental Association consist of the following:

  • President Dr Dawn Ngatokorua
  • Vice President Dr Teariki Puni
  • Two Secretaries, Dr Mareta Jacob and Dr May Khine Mon
  • Two Treasurers, Dr Kirianu Nio and Dr Deacon Teapa

Part 1: Title and Office

  1. The name of the association shall be the Cook Islands Medical and Dental Association Incorporated – hereinafter referred to as the Association
  2. The registered office of the Association shall be in Rarotonga
  3. The registered postal address shall be PO Box 109, Avarua, Rarotonga.

Part 2: Objectives

  1. To encourage and support members to maintain a high standard of practice at all times.
  2. To work in partnership with the employer in matters pertaining to the delivery of quality health and dental services
  3. To participate and comment on matters of national interest, which may have an impact on the development of medicine and dentistry
  4. To provide support and expert advice in matters relating to disputes between members and the employer
  5. To make recommendations to the employer on pay parity, salary reviews and salary structures for members
  6. To promote the health and welfare of members in the work place.

Part 3: Membership

Any medical or dental practitioner may apply in writing to the Secretary. The Executive Committee will grant approval under one of the following conditions:

Full Membership:

Any person is entitled to full membership provided they are:

  • Registered in the Medical and Dental Register of the Cook Islands
  • Retired Medical and Dental Practitioners

Temporary Membership

Any person who is not eligible under the criteria above and has been granted interim permission by the Cook Islands Medical and Dental Council, to practice medicine and dentistry.

Life Membership

A retired member may be elected a life member by the majority of members present at any General Meeting. He or she is entitled to free membership.


Honorary Membership

Any Cook Islands doctors working overseas may become honorary members of the Association provided he or she is a paid member. Honorary members may not have any voting rights.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Council or at the request of more than 20% of all paid members.

General Meeting

The Association shall meet once every two months.  Such meetings shall be preceded by a meeting of the Executive Council who will set the agenda for such meetings.

Notice and Agenda of Meetings

The Secretary, on the instructions of the Executives, shall notify the members via an appropriate medial source, of the agenda, time and place of the meeting, not less than 14 days before the meeting.


The quorum for the Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting and General Meeting shall be 20% of all paid members of the Association in Rarotonga.  The quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be four members.


  • All voting shall be by show of hands or by consensus
  • The President shall have a casting vote in case of a tie
  • Voting members must be a financial paying member
  • Can be by proxy of any of the financial paying members
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Part 6: Amendments of the Constitution

The Annual General Meeting and or the Extraordinary General Meeting shall have the authority to rescind, alter or all to any of the rules of the Constitution.

Part 7: Executive Committee

  1. The Committee shall be the Association’s Executive body
  2. The Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two other members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The immediate past President shall be an ex-office member Committee
  3. The Committee shall meet once every two months, at a place and time determined by the Committee members
  4. The quorum of the meeting shall be four.
  5. The Committees shall have the right to fill vacancies on the Committee the event of the death, resignation, dismissal or absence of a member for more than three months
  6. All decisions of the Committee shall be binding on all the members of the Association.
  7. Only paid members shall be eligible to stand for office of the Association.

Part 8: Discipline and Expulsion of members

  1. The Committee may discipline any member, who is guilty of misconduct and/or brings disrepute to the Association. In extreme cases or persistently in breach of the rules the member may be expelled.
  2. Any member so disciplined shall have the right of appeal to the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee may make recommendations that any member so disciplined shall be counselled by a senior colleague for a finite period.
  4. The Executive Committee may make recommendations to the Medical and Dental Council for any member who is found guilty of medical negligence and or malpractice or convicted of any criminal offence in a court of law, to be suspended or deregistered.
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Part 9: Duties of Office bearers

  1. President
      • Shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting, serves for two years, and is eligible for re-election
      • Shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the business of the Association
      • Shall preside at all meetings, sign the minutes, and be a signatory of cheques on behalf of the Association.
  1. Vice President
      • Shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting, serves for two years, and is eligible for re-election
      • Shall preside at meeting, sign the minutes and be a signatory of cheques on behalf of the Association in the absence of the President
      • Shall assist with the business of the Association.
  1. Secretary
      • Shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting, serves for two years, and is eligible for re-election
      • Shall keep minutes of all meetings, assist with preparations of meeting agenda and notification of members of meetings
      • Shall conduct the business of the Association in accordance with the rules and under the instructions of the Council
      • Assist with reports for submission to meetings as required
      • Shall be a signatory of cheques of behalf of the Association;
      • Shall keep a register of all members;
      • Shall be in charge of the use and safe keeping of the common seal of the Association
  1. Assistant Secretary
      • Assist the Secretary with the work of the Association
      • Undertake the role of Secretary when the Secretary is unable to or out of the country.
  1. Treasurer
      • Shall be elected at an AGM, serves for two years, and is eligible for re-election
      • Shall be responsible for the safety of the Association’s funds and properties
      • Shall keep an accurate account of all transactions and prepares financial reports for meetings and auditing purposes
      • Shall deposit in the bank, nominated by the Council, all money received on behalf of the Association, but may retain $50 petty cash.
  1. Assistant Treasurer
      • Assist the Treasurer with the work of the Association
      • Take over the role of the Treasurer when the Treasurer is unable to or is out of the country.

Part 10: Use of funds

The funds of the Association shall be used solely for:

  1. The payment of expenses for the administration of the Association including audit of the accounts of the funds of the Association.
  2. The prosecution or defense of any legal proceedings against the Association or any of its members.
  3. Expenses incurred on Association business by officers and members of the Association.
  4. The election, purchase or lease of any building or land required for the purpose of the Association, and for the rent, upkeep and furnishing thereof.
  5. The organisation of any professional meetings, reception or excursion.
  6. The purchase of books, newspapers and other literature and the upkeep of a reading room for the use of members.
  7. The editing, printing, publication and circulation of any book, periodical bulletin or printed literature for the advancement of the lawful objects of the Association.
  8. The provisions of social and welfare amenities for members and dependents of deceased members. At the death of any member, the Association shall donate $100 to the family of the bereaved.
  9. Any other object not covered by the preceding clauses above but deemed essential and beneficial to the Association as approved by the Council.
  10. The Committee may, with the approval of the members at an AGM and EGM, invest any excess funds of the Association, in a low risk and high return banking institution.
  11. The Committee may, with the approval of the members at an AGM or EGM, borrow money for the purposes of the Association.

Part 11: Auditors

  1. The Association shall appoint an Auditor at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. An auditor’s report of the Association’s financial transaction of the previous year, shall be tabled at the Annual General Meeting, or at any other times as required by the Association or by law.
  3. Any member of the Association is entitled to see or request for a copy of the report.

Part 12: Inspection of books

  1. Any member may inspect the Association’s Account books and the Register of Members, by prior arrangement with the Secretary.

Part 13: Constitution

  1. A copy of the Constitution shall be available from the Secretary, for a fee of $5.00.

Part 14: Dissolution

  1. The Association shall be dissolved if more than two-thirds of the members at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting consented.
  2. In the event of dissolution, all debts and liabilities shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds together with the proceeds of the sale of any assets, shall be divided equally amongst all paid members, or given to any charitable organisation approved by the members.
  3. A notice of the dissolution shall be lodged with the Register of Companies within fourteen days from the date of the dissolution, and signed by the Secretary and seven others.