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Policy statement on Supervised Quarantine and Medical Clearance in New Zealand


This Policy reflects the Cook Islands national response to COVID-19 and is a critical
strategy to protect and prevent the seeding of COVID-19 in the Cook Islands.

This Policy clarifies the process for supervised quarantine and medical clearance in New
Zealand and outlines eligibility criteria for those requiring financial assistance from the
Government of the Cook Islands.

Cook Islanders and persons in New Zealand intending to travel to the Cook Islands must
undergo 14 days supervised quarantine in New Zealand. This includes being tested for
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in order to receive a medical clearance to travel
and enter the Cook Islands.

All intending travellers must register with Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health

TMO will arrange contact with the New Zealand Health Quarantine Manager.

The Health Quarantine Manager will organise accommodation for supervised quarantine
with meals and services, as well as access to health providers.

Prior to travel to the Cook Islands, all persons must be tested for COVID-19 and only those
with negative results will receive medical clearance to travel to the Cook Islands.

Persons with existing chronic medical conditions will require medical assessment by a
health provider to determine the level of health care required in the Cook Islands.

Travel within Auckland to and from the accommodation will be the individual’s
responsibility. Travel to the airport will be organised by the Health Quarantine Manager.