Media Release

2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China

Te Marae Ora wishes to update the public regarding the
2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) respiratory virus outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province,
China. 2019-nCoV is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified and it is now
spreading widely across China, parts of Asia, and the rest of the world.

Measles contact alert

Public health wishes to advise that we have a family of three in Rarotonga recently arrived from Auckland, who were

Kia orana and welcome to our wellbeing-conversation with our community: Tanga’eo

Tanga’eo is the weekly communication piece of Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health (TMO) for our people. The burden of disease with the NCDs/obesity epidemic alongside the impact of climate change, threatens the health of the Cook Islands population as well as planetary health. Tanga’eo is a call to action. Tanga’eo is for the people of the Cook Islands.     

Equitable access to quality health services for our Pa Enua

Over the past year, Te Marae Ora – Cook Islands Ministry of Health (TMO) has established and developed the flying doctors and dentists programme, in to what is now a more integrated, structured, and comprehensive mobile health service: Kaveinga Ora.

Developing our mental health services

With the aging population, alcohol and drug problems, mental health and offending, developmental disorder and suicide prevention remain high on the priority list, as the team maps out its strategic direction for the future.

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