Public Health

New Public Health Specialist Appointed

Te Marae Ora has appointed a public health specialist whose duties will involve monitoring the measures put in place or being put in place to deal with COVID-19, Non Communicable Diseases and Mental Health. Dr Anura Jayasinghe who was born in Sri Lanka where he did his early medical training, has also completed his post graduate trainings and worked in Australia and New Zealand. His most recent role was as a Medical Officer of Health with the Southern District Health Board based in Dunedin.

Public Health Law Reform

Te Marae Ora is holding open consultation sessions this month for members of the public who want to have their say on the current public health law reform process.

Help needed to reduce mosquito population

A 400 metre radius of cleared vegetation around homes is required to reduce breeding sites for mosquitoes. We need our communities to be on alert and take practical measures to reduce spread of dengue fever.

Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes Poster

How to stop spreading an infectious disease like the common cold to others? Here is a poster on how you can take care of your cough and prevent spreading it to others.

Hand Washing Poster

How to stop any infectious bacteria from spreading? Here is a poster on how to wash your hands properly to get rid of germs.

Measles contact alert

Public health wishes to advise that we have a family of three in Rarotonga recently arrived from Auckland, who were

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